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TODAY, we are open from 11 am to 8 pm.

Summer Camp 2021: COVID-19 Policies

Your safety, and that of our team, continues to be our top priority, and we’re following procedures and guidelines laid out by the CDC and local health officials. We have new policies in place for summer 2021 to limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep our Summer Camp running as smoothly as possible for all involved. If you have any questions about the precautions we’re taking, email us at

Before camp begins

  • Campers who have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are living in a household with someone who has tested positive, within the past 14 days may not attend summer programs until their symptoms have resolved and they receive a negative COVID-19 test. 
  • If a camper feels unwell, has a high temperature, or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they must stay home until symptoms resolve and they receive a negative COVID-19 test. Please notify us immediately at if symptoms develop.
  • If a camper is unable to attend camp due to COVID-19 symptoms (their own or a family member’s), a refund will be offered for days missed. 

Drop-off and pick-up

  • Drop-off and pick-up will take place outside the Museum, and only registered and screened campers and staff will be allowed to enter the building.
  • Campers must complete a health questionnaire and have a temperature check before entering the Museum. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will not be allowed to enter the building. Adults must stay until the temperature check has been completed. Students and families are encouraged to take their temperatures at home, so that no one arrives with a fever.
  • Parents and families will have limited access to the building and will say goodbye at the outdoor sign-in tables. Please limit the number of caretakers/family that are present during drop-off and pick-up.

The camp day

  • Each camper must bring their own mask and wear it snugly over their mouth and nose at all times (we recommend bringing a second mask). Additional disposable masks will be provided to campers who need them.
  • All campers must follow our social distancing guidelines, staying three feet away from other students and listening to staff instructions when in the Museum.
  • Students will be provided with their own dedicated workspace and art materials for the week. All non-disposable supplies (scissors, iPads, etc.) and work stations will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions. If desired, campers are encouraged to bring their own materials or equipment.
  • Campers will be required to wash their hands upon entering the building, before and after meals, and throughout the day; hand sanitizer will be available at all times.
  • Lunch and recess will take place outdoors whenever possible, and if indoors, appropriate spacing will be implemented. Campers are required to bring their own refillable water bottle, lunch, snacks, and utensils each day (an insulated lunchbox is recommended).

Additional safety and hygiene precautions

  • Day camp staff will meet all requirements for health exams and vaccinations as set by the NYC Department of Health, and will comply with social distancing guidelines during the camp day as well as in all staff meetings.
  • Camp group sizes will be limited to no more than 12 campers with two dedicated staff per group, and each group of campers will act as a self-contained pod (not interacting with other groups during the day). Campers who attend after-camp may interact with campers from different groups, with appropriate social distancing.
  • Sharing of materials will be limited as much as possible. Materials, tools, surfaces, and spaces will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day.
  • The Museum’s ventilation system has been upgraded to meet the recommendations of the CDC for increased air flow and filtration.

COVID-19 symptoms and positive cases at camp

  • If a camper becomes ill during the camp day, they will be immediately quarantined away from others and the parent/guardian will be notified to come and pick up the camper.
  • If the parent/guardian of a camper develops symptoms or becomes ill during the day, an alternate adult or emergency contact should pick up the camper at the end of the day.
  • If a staff member becomes ill, they will be sent home immediately and will not return until their symptoms have resolved and they receive a negative COVID-19 test; their group will continue online for the remainder of the camp week.
  • Families will be notified as soon as possible if a camper or staff member in their group has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, and the group will then pivot online.

Pivoting online and refund policy

  • In the event of closure due to a COVID-19 outbreak or other unforeseen events, campers will be provided with an online class sign-in link and related information as well as a bag of at-home art supplies.
  • If there is a closure and we are unable to offer an online program, refunds will be provided for days missed.