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Opencollection API



id (required)
ID of the abstract Integer
page_count (required)
page count Integer
web_theme (required)
Web theme String
doc_type (required)
Document type String
obj_year (required)
Object year String
obj_date (required)
Object date String
auth_fname (required)
Author first name String
auth_lname (required)
Author last name String
from_org (required)
From organization String
to_org (required)
To organization String
to_fname (required)
To first name String
to_lname (required)
To last name String
abstract (required)
The text of the abstract String
owner (required)
The owner of the abstract String
archive_name (required)
The name of the archive the abstract is a part of String
archive_id (required)
The id of the archive the abstract is a part of Integer
images (required)
Array of images associated with the abstract Array