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Abstract Paintings by A.D. Reinhardt

DATES March 21, 1946 through April 18, 1946
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  • March 20, 1946 The Brooklyn Museum Art School Gallery is showing watercolors, collages, and oils, by Ad Reinhardt from March 21st through April 18th. Reinhardt, an abstract painter, has recently been discharged from the Navy and most of this work was done while in the service.

    Now in his early thirties, Mr. Reinhardt has been a member of the American Abstract Artists since 1937 and has shown in five of their annuals and independently in other shows all over the country. He is represented in the Gallatin Collection, the Museum of Living Art which is now in the Philadelphia Museum, and in many private collections.

    Beside his painting, Reinhardt does cartoons for the newspaper PM which are unique in that they are the only cartoons utilizing collage technique in a daily newspaper. His other activities have included murals for the Worlds Fair, Cafe Society Downtown and the Newspaper Guild Club, illustrations for the much-discussed Public Affairs Committee pamphlet “The Races of Mankind”, and he once helped produce a magazine for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    A graduate of Columbia University, Mr. Reinhardt is studying for his master’s degree in fine arts under the G. I. Bill of Rights, and hopes eventually to teach and do research in art history.

    Mr. Reinhardt expresses his gratitude to the Red Cross for keeping him generously supplied while in the service, with art materials of which many were scarce or even impossible to get during the war.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 01-03/1946, 030.
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