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European Prints by Old & Modern Masters

DATES January 01, 1959 through August 30, 1959
ORGANIZING DEPARTMENT European Painting and Sculpture
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  • May 26, 1959 Thirty-five prints by old and modern European masters will go on view in the 2nd floor Print Gallery for the summer, from May 26 through August 30. Among the old masters are prints by Rembrandt, Dürer, van Amstel, Canaletto, Piranese; among the modern are Bonnard, Toulouse-Lautrec, Redon, Picasso, Rouault, Munch, Nesch, Kirschner, Miro, Lissitsky, Adam, Baumeister, Bianga, Eglau, Kuglar, Nay, Janssen and Hartung.

    The graphic works are not presented by country or period but are shown in juxtaposition of old and modern where certain affinities may be seen in forms, colors, etc. The sweeping forms of Odilon Redon’s Buddha complement the rococo architecture of the Piranesis; the elegance of Bonnard’s color lithograph of nursemaids and cabs is in sympathy with the courtliness of Cornelis Ploos van Amstel’s 18th-century Man; Hans Hartung’s bold vertical lines in Abstract Composition pick up the verticals of trees and a Cross in Dürer engravings and a Rouault Crucifixion.

    The exhibition has been organized by Miss Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints and Drawings.

    Photographs available: Betty Chamberlain

    June 23 through summer:

    To salute the Hudson-Champlain celebration, the Museum will exhibit in the lobby the following paintings:

    Scene on the Hudson River, 1849, by Henry Ary (ca. 1807-after 1858)
    A Morning Snow - Hudson River, ca. 1920, by George Bellows (1882-1926)
    The Hudson River in Autumn, 1868, by Gegis Gignoux (1816-1882)
    Park on the River, 1905, by William Glackens (1870-1938)
    Picnic on the Hudson, 1854, by James M. Hart (1828-1901)
    Hudson River and Indians, Fishkill, ca 1860, by Unknown Artist, 19th century.

    These are views of the Hudson River ranging from mid-nineteenth century up to 1920, depicting every season of the year.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1959, 021.
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