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American Pressed Glass

DATES January 04, 1956 through April 30, 1956
COLLECTIONS Decorative Arts
  • April 16, 1956 One of the finest private collections of American Pressed Glass is currently on exhibition in the 4th Floor Galleries of The Brooklyn Museum where It will be on view through April 16.

    Numbering 210 pieces--cup plates and salts--the collection of 19th Century glass has been lent anonymously to the Museum for a temporary exhibition.

    This collection of pressed glass is especially interesting in that many of its pieces are of colored glass--ambers, blue, violet and green.

    Made in molds, pressed glass represents one of the first mass production methods of producing glass. Many of the pieces glorify the beginnings of industry in this country by their shapes and design motifs--a salt in the form of a steamboat, a railroad engine, the eagle emblem.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1956, 012.
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