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Medallion Ushak Carpet

Arts of the Islamic World

Carpets, both locally made (identified in inventories as de la tierra) or imported from Spain (del Reyno) or the Near East, lined floors as well as the raised platforms in the estrado. This large carpet adorned with vegetal and geometric motifs was created in Ushak in western Anatolia (then part of the Ottoman Empire), a principal center of rug production since 1487. The inclusion of Turkish carpets in women’s sitting rooms is confirmed by the 1738 inventory of Don Sebastian Curbelo in La Guaira, Venezuela, which lists “a large estrado carpet, from Turkey, used.”

Las alfombras, fabricadas localmente (identificadas en inventarios como “de la tierra”) o importadas de España (“del Reyno”) o del Oriente Próximo, revestían los pisos y las plataformas alzadas del estrado. Esta gran alfombra adornada con motivos vegetales y geométricos fue creada en Ushak en Anatolia occidental (en ese entonces parte del Imperio otomano), centro principal de producción de alfombras desde 1487. El inventario de 1738 de don Sebastián Curbelo en La Guaira, Venezuela, confirma la inclusión de alfombras turcas en los salones de estar de las mujeres; en él se cataloga “una alfombra grande de estrado, de Turquía, usada.”

DATES first half 16th century
PERIOD Ottoman
DIMENSIONS 163 x 83 in. (414 x 210.8 cm)
MUSEUM LOCATION This item is not on view
CREDIT LINE Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION Colors: dark blue, ivory, red, light blue, tan, green, yellow, white, corrosive brown, aubergine. Knot type: Symmetrical Knot count per decimeter: V32 x H41 Warp: mostly undyed white wool, z2S. Some undyed brown, some dyed red. Weft: dyed red wool, z1S, 2 shoots. Lazy lines. Pile: wool. Knots pulled very slightly to left.
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