Thomas Brooks (American, 1811-1887). <em>Armchair</em>, 1872. Walnut, modern upholstery, 38 1/4 x 32 1/2 x 31 in. (97.2 x 82.6 x 78.7 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Dr. Dorothea E. Curnow, 52.120. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: , Civil_War_dressing_room_yr1967_installation_48.207.270_42.4_51.113_53.219_45.140_53.183.3_53.47_52.120_40.930.58_53.20.2_45.25.2_SL1.jpg)


Artist:Thomas Brooks

Medium: Walnut, modern upholstery

Geograhical Locations:


Dimensions: 38 1/4 x 32 1/2 x 31 in. (97.2 x 82.6 x 78.7 cm) frag1: 21 1/4 x 49 in. (54 x 124.5 cm)



Accession Number: 52.120

Image: Civil_War_dressing_room_yr1967_installation_48.207.270_42.4_51.113_53.219_45.140_53.183.3_53.47_52.120_40.930.58_53.20.2_45.25.2_SL1.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Open Armchair upholstered in patterned blue silk damask with stylized acanthus enclosed within diamonds; tufted back and arms and a walnut frame. The back is more or less square in elevation; slightly curved in plan, with an exposed walnut frame with palmette over rosette flanked by dolphins and scrolls in center of cresting rail. Arms are over-stuffed with walnut arm supports. Square seat with wide, soft-pleated front. Front legs are trumpet-turned and rear legs are round in section and flare out at rear. The front legs have original casters, while the rear legs do not (never had any). I. TYPE: Open Armchair (en suite with 52.118 Side chair) (Renaissance Revival style) (T. Brooks) II. FRAME: a. Materials: Walnut b. Finish: Refurbished III. UPHOLSTERY a. Cover: Wool and silk damask (re-covered 1952) b. Trim: Gimped galloon with supplementary warps; two-ply cord with flange (re-covered 1952) c. STRUCTURE: (i) Webbing: Unavailable for inspection; (ii) Springs: Nine springs, unavailable for inspection; (iii) Edges: Unavailable for inspection; (iv) Cake: Unavailable for inspection :(Mellon Project 1997): TEXTILE; The records state that this chair was re-covered in 1952 with a silk and wool gothic design blue monochromatic damask. Seatback is diamond-tufted with channeling on top and bottom. Pleated ruffle on front border. Arms are elaborately padded and diamond-tufted in the round. UNDERUPHOLSTERY; No original materials have been discovered through exploration from seatback and underside. Seatback tufts appear to be stuffed with cotton (modern). Seat appears to be higher than first presentation. If original upholstery materials remain, they are likely to be found in the arms. FRAME: Open-armchair, exposed walnut frame, carved and burl-veneered. Seatback is generally square in elevation; slightly curved in plan. Crest rail with palmette over rosette flanked by dolphins and scrolls. Base of seat rail partially framed in walnut with two front-facing rosettes. Front legs are trumpet-turned with casters, rear legs are round in section, flare out at rear, without casters. Casters appear to be original, cuffed and marked "4" on each side of wheel. FINISH: Appears to have been touched up at some point. ELEMENTS OF UPHOLSTERY THAT APPEAR TO BE ORIGINAL: The upholstery design of arms is so elaborate it is believed there is some historic evidence in place to justify such an elaborate profile.

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