<em>Funerary Shroud</em>, 1st century B.C.E. or later. Linen, pigment, gold leaf, 37.1815Ea: 16 15/16 x 19 5/16 in. (43 x 49 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 37.1815Ea-b. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 37.1815Ea_PS9.jpg)

Funerary Shroud

Medium: Linen, pigment, gold leaf

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:1st century B.C.E. or later

Dimensions: 37.1815Ea: 16 15/16 x 19 5/16 in. (43 x 49 cm) 37.1815Eb: 26 3/4 x 13 3/8 in. (68 x 34 cm)



Accession Number: 37.1815Ea-b

Image: 37.1815Ea_PS9.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
A piece of fine linen, painted and gilded and decorated with black, white and red. Larger piece shows decoration for upper half of body: neck painted pink with gilt beard, broad collar over which a gold necklace hung suspending a lotus flower. Flail and handle of crook (?) are shorter and below an elaborate shrine with Isis and Nephthys adoring (Amon?). Second piece has scenes in 3 registers: 1) ploughing, 2) row of divinities, 3) 2 sphinxes. There is a column of inscription on left side which is selvedged. Fringe on bottom.

Brooklyn Museum