Greek. <em>Cosmetic Box (Pyxix)</em>, 7th century B.C.E. Clay, slip, Fragment a: 1 3/4 x Diam. 4 3/8 in. (4.4 x 11.1 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Museum Collection, X249.80a-b. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: , CUR.X249.80a_view01.jpg)

Cosmetic Box (Pyxix)


Medium: Clay, slip

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:7th century B.C.E.

Dimensions: Fragment a: 1 3/4 x Diam. 4 3/8 in. (4.4 x 11.1 cm) Fragment b: 1 7/16 x Diam. 4 5/16 in. (3.7 x 10.9 cm)


Accession Number: X249.80a-b

Image: CUR.X249.80a_view01.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Cylindrical pyxix without handle. Top fits over bottom to flange at lower edge of bottom. Ware is orange buff with decoration fired to a range of orange-red to brown-black in color. Top is not decorated on interior: exterior-flat top: three concentric decorative bands separated by groups of three fine concentric circles; from center: 3 concentric rows of dots. Condition: a- Intact. b- re-assembled of three large fragments. Some minor filling in and re-painting. Three large chips from bottom flange. Interior surface partly incrusted, as is exterior which is worn with small areas of light brown incrustation.

Brooklyn Museum