Esteban Huaman (born 1940). <em>Man's Poncho</em>, ca. 1965. Alpaca fleece, sheep wool, natural and synthetic dyes, incl. fringe: 66 x 49 1/2 in. (167.6 x 125.7 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Frank Sherman Benson Fund, 2002.62.6. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 2002.62.6_transp6210.jpg)

Man's Poncho

Artist:Esteban HuamanQuechua

Medium: Alpaca fleece, sheep wool, natural and synthetic dyes

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:ca. 1965

Dimensions: incl. fringe: 66 x 49 1/2 in. (167.6 x 125.7 cm)


Accession Number: 2002.62.6

Image: 2002.62.6_transp6210.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
A man's two-piece striped poncho. Stripes with geometric patterns have widths that are medium and wide, while stripes with solid colors have widths that are narrow. Because of the textile having been washed, natural white alpaca fleece has been changed to a light pink in places. Neck opening and poncho selvages have the same sewn-on edge of braid binding and fringe. Predominant colors of object are dark red and white with stripes of green, yellow and black. At the center of each of the two pieces that make up the poncho are a trio of large parallal diamond-patterned stripes with a narrower patterned stripe on each side. Narrow solid-colored stripes alternate with patterned stripes. The sewn-on braiding edge has diamond designs in yellow, green, dark red, and white; woven into the braid is a bright fringe of pink green, orange, red, white, black, brown and purple. To create curved edges on the poncho, each of the four corners has been sewn down.The object is complete and its overall condition is good. It was purchased unused. Condition: excellent.

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