Andre´ Romain Guilmet (1827-1892). <em>Candelabrum, Part of a Five Piece Clock Garniture</em>, ca. 1880. Nickel-plated metal, 17 1/2 x 9 x 9 in. (44.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Marcus S. Friedlander, by exchange, 2009.49.2. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: , 2009.49.1-.5_PS6.jpg)

Candelabrum, Part of a Five Piece Clock Garniture

Artist:AndreĀ“ Romain Guilmet

Medium: Nickel-plated metal

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:ca. 1880

Dimensions: 17 1/2 x 9 x 9 in. (44.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm)



Accession Number: 2009.49.2

Image: 2009.49.1-.5_PS6.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Central column with a single candle holder at top with three short downward flaring rods terminating in small sphere; at midpoint of central column are attached three arms composed of a vertical cog wheel each supports a vertical single candle holder; lower section of column comprises a small globe with port hole style appendages, beneath globe on the flat, circular base are individual, attached, industrial tools such as a compass, protractor and cog wheel, the whole on three protruding raised feet. When inner wheel on base is turned, the cogs on the three arms rotate and the candleholders can raised or lowered, and the single candle holder at the summit rotates as well.

Brooklyn Museum