Henry Shelton (1929–2016). <em>Kachina Doll (Nataoska)</em>, 1960–1970. Wood, paint, hide, feathers, fur, yarn, silver, wool or cotton, 22 × 9 1/2 × 9 in. (55.9 × 24.1 × 22.9 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Edith and Hershel Samuels, 2010.6.7. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, CUR.2010.6.7.jpg)

Kachina Doll (Nataoska)

Artist:Henry SheltonPueblo, Hopi

Medium: Wood, paint, hide, feathers, fur, yarn, silver, wool or cotton

Geograhical Locations:


Dimensions: 22 × 9 1/2 × 9 in. (55.9 × 24.1 × 22.9 cm)



Accession Number: 2010.6.7

Image: CUR.2010.6.7.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Ogre's Uncle (Oötsawihazru) Kachina Doll. This is a tall, slim Kachina with a large, snarling snout, red lips with open, teeth filled jaws. His mask has long, curved, green and black striped horns on either side of the head, and black goggle eyes. The back of his head has a feather bundle and he wears a fur ruff around his neck. He wears western style white pants, a concho belt with studs with turquoise circles painted in them and a purple, tailored shirt with painted white buttons. He wears painted tall, red boots with real yarn ties at the top. His PR hand is raised brandishing a bloody knife. His PL hand carries a bow (broken). He has a real hide cape tied in the front under his PR arm but he is totally carved with details underneath the cape. As an Ogre's Uncle he is a little more patient than the Black Ogres, not as active but still fearsome. Ogres (Soo'so'yoktu) appear during the ceremonies in the last stages of the Powamuya usually held in February depicting the final stages of the world's creation where Kachina spirits are implored to carry out the purification of life.

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