Henry Shelton (1929-2016). <em>Kachina Doll (Powaung Katsina)</em>, 1960-1970. Cottonwood root, acrylic paint, yarn,metal bells, feathers, leather, cotton, 14 1/2 × 5 × 6 1/2 in. (36.8 × 12.7 × 16.5 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Edith and Hershel Samuels, 2010.6.12. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 2010.6.12_front_PS2.jpg)

Kachina Doll (Powaung Katsina)

Artist:Henry SheltonPueblo, Hopi

Medium: Cottonwood root, acrylic paint, yarn,metal bells, feathers, leather, cotton

Geograhical Locations:


Dimensions: 14 1/2 × 5 × 6 1/2 in. (36.8 × 12.7 × 16.5 cm)


Accession Number: 2010.6.12

Image: 2010.6.12_front_PS2.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Flute (Lenang) Kachina. Associated with bringing water to the springs he appears during the Powamuya ceremony in February. He had the PR arm raised and holds a blue gourd rattle and the wrist has a yarn tie. The PL arm is down holding a flute with feathers dangling from it while the wrist has a carved armband simulating metal with turquoise in the center. His PR leg is raised and painted blue. PL leg is down and painted yellow. Both legs have short blue boots, his knees are striped yellow and blue and both have a band of bells tied to them. The bare chest is painted flesh colored with yellow on the PL breast and blue on the PR. He wears a carved Hopi kilt. On his back he wears a multicolored yellow, blue and red backpack trimmed with red fringed yarn, topped with feathers and lower edged with cotton. Underneath this peeps out a carved wood fox tail. He has a blue face painted with diagonal yellow and black stripes in triangles on the cheeks, slit eyes and triangular mouth. He wears feathers on the back of his long black hair.

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