Daniel Chester French (American, 1850-1931). <em>Pediment for the Brooklyn Museum</em>, 1914. Indiana limestone Brooklyn Museum, 10.232. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, S06_BEEi118_cropped_10.232.jpg)

Pediment for the Brooklyn Museum

Artist:Daniel Chester FrenchAdolph Alexander WeinmanPiccirilli Brothers

Medium: Indiana limestone



Museum Location: Eastern Parkway Fa├žade

Accession Number: 10.232

Image: S06_BEEi118_cropped_10.232.jpg,Brooklyn Museum: exterior. View of the Central section from the entrance pathway, 1987. Pediment.

Catalogue Description:
To the viewer's left, three figures represent Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. On the viewer's right stand Geology, Astronomy, and Biology, the three basic sciences of the earth, sky, and nature. A sphinx on the extreme right symbolizes Knowledge. A peacock at the left is, according to D.C. French, an "emblem of beauty in the appearance of things," as associated with art.

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