<em>Bottle Vase</em>, 14th century. Glazed porcelain, height: 11 1/2 in. (29.2 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of the Carroll Family Collection, 2021.53.2 (Photo: Image courtesy of the donors, Professor Ian R. Carroll, M.D. and Dr. Bonnie K. Dwyer, M.D., CUR.2021.53.2_view01.jpg)

Bottle Vase

Medium: Glazed porcelain

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:14th century

Dimensions: height: 11 1/2 in. (29.2 cm)


Accession Number: 2021.53.2

Image: CUR.2021.53.2_view01.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Vase of yuhuchunping shape, with bulbous body on a high foot and long, flaring neck ending in a trumpet-shaped mouth. White porcelain with simple, hand-drawn decorations in underglaze copper red, which is red on one side and more silver on the other. The decoration consists of stylized branches of chrysanthemum running horizontally around the center of the body, with two horizontal lines below and three above, topped by three petal-shaped frames on the collar, each filled with a scrolling pattern, with two bands above that. This style of decoration is sometimes referred to as "spare style" and contrasts with more elaborately and formally decorated pieces made in underglaze red in roughly the same period. However examples of this type have been excavated near Jingdezhen, suggesting that they are not a provincial ware. Examples have also been found in Indonesia and the Philippines, suggesting that at least some pieces were exported during the Yuan dynasty.

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