Paracas Necropolis "linear". <em>Mantle</em>, 100 B.C.E.-100 C.E. Cotton, camelid fiber, 110 x 54 in. (279.4 x 137.2 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Alfred W. Jenkins Fund, 34.1550. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 34.1550_acetate_bw.jpg)


Artist:Paracas Necropolis

Medium: Cotton, camelid fiber

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:100 B.C.E.-100 C.E.

Dimensions: 110 x 54 in. (279.4 x 137.2 cm)


Accession Number: 34.1550

Image: 34.1550_acetate_bw.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Size: adult. Probable wearer: male. Field: cotton warp, cotton weft, plain weave. Borders: cotton warp, cotton weft with camelid fiber embroidery. The border foundation is very weak. A dark blue field with dark brown warps in the borders. The embroidery uses red for the border background, and green, yellow, and dark blue colors. According to Mary Frame, variants of this motif most often occur on turbans (head cloths). Some have feline or human heads, rather than snake heads. (See Anne Paul, Nawpa Pacha 20, pp. 41-60). On the border, the embroidered images of interlocked snakes with slanted bodies in an S- or Z-twist direction are analogous to the structures of cords. Filler figures of coiled snakes surround the interlocked figures.

Brooklyn Museum