Aramaic. <em>Receipt for a Grain Loan</em>, December, 402 B.C.E. Papyrus, ink, mud, a: Object: 11 13/16 × 13 3/4 in. (30 × 35 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Theodora Wilbour from the collection of her father, Charles Edwin Wilbour, 47.218.93a-b (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 47.218.93_transp5427_SL3.jpg)

Receipt for a Grain Loan


Medium: Papyrus, ink, mud

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:December, 402 B.C.E.

Dimensions: a: Object: 11 13/16 × 13 3/4 in. (30 × 35 cm) a: Frame: 14 15/16 × 16 1/4 in. (38 × 41.2 cm)



Accession Number: 47.218.93a-b

Image: 47.218.93_transp5427_SL3.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Receipt for a Grain Loan. Recto, 14 lines of text with blank areas at top and bottom of papyrus. Text documenting a loan of grain by Anani son of Haggai from Pahnum son of Bs’. Written by the scribe Shewahram son of Eshemram. Traces of two additional lines of text in this blank area. Verso, single incomplete line of text. Portions missing from top of papyrus. Oval impression in clay. The design consists of a tall conical vase, cross-hatched. Upon arrival: Folded and sealed papyrus of same type as 47.218.88. Tied around center with slender twisted thread, fastened with mud seal of oval shape bearing impression of unidentified seal, apparently not Egyptian. Faded inscription on lower edge in small hand - probably Aramaic. Traces of similar inscription on upper edge. Condition: Fragile. Outer fold of top mostly missing. Part of outer fold of underside missing. Broken on edges and at folds but bulk of document is intact.

Brooklyn Museum