<em>Scene from a Magical Papyrus</em>, 664-525 B.C.E. Papyrus, ink, c: Object: 29 15/16 × 4 7/8 in. (76.1 × 12.4 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Theodora Wilbour from the collection of her father, Charles Edwin Wilbour, 47.218.156a-d (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 47.218.156a-c_transp1708_SL3.jpg)

Scene from a Magical Papyrus

Medium: Papyrus, ink

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:664-525 B.C.E.

Dimensions: c: Object: 29 15/16 × 4 7/8 in. (76.1 × 12.4 cm) c: Frame: 8 7/8 × 34 1/16 in. (22.6 × 86.5 cm)


Museum Location: 19th Dynasty to Roman Period, Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Gallery, 3rd Floor


Accession Number: 47.218.156a-d

Image: 47.218.156a-c_transp1708_SL3.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Papyrus inscribed in Hieratic, red and black, with magical text. Two vignettes of Atum as serpent deity standing before composite deity. 5 extant columns of text: column 1 is fragmentary at the bottom and has 6 lines of text; column 2 has 9 lines of text; column 3 has eight lines of text; column 4 has 9 lines of text; column 5 has 8 lines of text. Illustrated magical texts with spells against snakes and scorpions that was apparently made for the protection of the women and children at night. In addition, there are two vignettes, the first found between cols. 2 and 3, the second at the end of the papyrus, just after col.5.

Brooklyn Museum